Ten Years Later...Woody Still Matters.

In honor of Woody's 10 year anniversary of his death, I am co-organizing a grassroots conference in Washington DC in February called Selling Sickness 2013: People Before Profits.

The two-day conference will bring together over 200+ people from consumer/patient activist organizations, academic/health reformers, and journalists. It will focus on how the pharmaceutical industry heavily influences the medical field by pushing the boundaries that define illness in order to sell their treatments. Drug companies have misled the public about the efficacy of their medications, hidden serious risks and have infiltrated the medical literature with ghostwritten articles and continuing medical education conferences extolling the benefits of their products for an ever-expanding list of “diseases” while downplaying the risks. "Selling Sickness" has resulted in excessive over-treatment for sometimes questionable diseases. The result has not only been patients being exposed to unnecessary risks or even death, but unconscionable spending by individuals, insurance companies and the government.

This conference is not funded by the government or any institution or organization. It is being funded through co-sponsorships, registration fees, and "friend"raising. Both my co-organizer and I have committed our personal funds to cover the conference costs if we don't break even. It's truly been a labor of love.

Please consider becoming a "friend" and supporting the conference in Woody's name. Ten years later and Woody still matters.

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